>Advertising/Project Wonderful

>You’ve probably noticed the blaringly white ad boxes on the side of my blog. A couple weeks ago I joined in Project Wonderful and started offering ad space here on the fallenpeach blog. But after a couple weeks, I’m really not happy with Project Wonderful. You are encouraged to price your ad space at a ridiculously small price and it appears that people can pull their ad in order to only pay a fraction of that already small price. Which results in me getting .001 cent every once in a blue moon.

I want to offer advertising on this blog because I want to expose my readers to some of the wonderful artists out there, but I do not think that PW is the way to go any more. If I were to offer ad space on my blog – would you buy it from me? I’m still working out what price I think would be good, but it probably wouldn’t be a lot since this blog is still growing.

Comments and questions welcome 🙂


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