>Mid-Month Overview


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 At the beginning of every month we set goals for ourselves. This month I’m really doing pretty well, I have knocked out more than half of my goals so far. One thing I haven’t done though is start looking back on what I’ve done and figure out a plan for the future.

 In September 2009 I launched my Etsy Store. I have 17 sales and 52 items currently in the store. In November we started to attend Craft Fairs and have been actively participating in those since. I’ve begun building a community through blogging and twitter and have created a full website for fallenpeach. I’ve taken a few small local business classes, but haven’t really been totally happy with them. I recently started offering ad space via Project Wonderful on my blog.

Here are the things I’d like to Accomplish by September 1st.

1. I want to start sending out monthly or every other month Newsletters. I joined MailChimp, but haven’t yet sorted myself out with that yet.

2. I would like to aim for 30 sales on Etsy by my one year Etsy-versary. More would be nice, but 30 I think might be attainable.

3. I want to sell my work wholesale. I’ve started this process, but have only had consignment offers and not wholesale.

4. I would like to build my graphic design freelancing, possibly via offering my services on Etsy as well as via email.

5. I would like to help build Matt’s custom artwork services, again possibly through adding his services to our Etsy Store.

I think these can be attainable and now I must start tailoring my goals towards these larger goals. Additionally, I would really like to do an “About Us” blog post – but I’m at a loss as to questions to ask us – So Please Ask Away in the comments!!


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