>YTT: Launches, New Releases and MORE!

>I have a bunch of exciting things to show you today! Because,

Yesterday:  I worked all day on two projects –

I finished the fallenpeach.com redesign. And I’m really proud of it, I think it looks awesome. What do you think? Criticisms welcome!


We launched a new blog! Now, don’t worry – we will be far from abandoning this blog. I’m hoping to keep both going at a good pace. Nowhere Nerds is a place for us to nerd out about adventures and hiking and road trips – things that I don’t really feel fit in perfectly at this here blog. Occasionally they will cross over, but I think it will be good to keep them separate.

Today: I have a long list because I spent so much of yesterday on just two projects. Mostly I want to research and apply for more fairs, work on product photography/editing, and edit my resume a bit to add some freelance work. I also picked up the magazine that my photography is in and will be posting over at my other other blog about that later. (will link here too probably :).

Tomorrow: I have to do some shopping. I have a wedding to attend on Saturday and a dress but no shoes or jewelry to match said dress. It’s a color I don’t usually wear (a salmon shade of pink I guess) and I feel like black shoes would be too much. But overall, I like the dress despite the color. I tried to get it in blue, but they were out of my size 😦 .

I’ve had a busy week so far – what about you? Any crazy short term goals this week?


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