>The Meetup: March Goals and a look back on February

>Happy March Everyone! Today it is absolutely beautiful outside (and nearly 50 degrees) which is a nice change from the snow and misery we’ve been having here in CT the past couple weeks. Overall, February went well. I accomplished almost all of my goals and I’m in the middle of some exciting projects.

My February Goals Were:

1. design/print/make 20 new bookmark designs

Done! They are printed and ready to be laminated soon. There are actually 16, but that’s close enough 🙂

2. Submit for Spring / Winter craft fairs that I’m interested in.

I am currently a part of the SoNo Flea Market which is every Saturday from 1pm – 8pm in South Norwalk, CT and I am almost done getting things ready to submit for the Oyster Festival this summer. I am also on the lookout for more fairs. So I’d say this is done.

3. Order supplies for making magnets

Done, and I have about 50 different ones made. Just need to figure out packaging and photograph them and I can list them!

4. International Shipping set-up.

not yet done, I’m so sorry to all my international possible customers! This is going to be tops on my list for March.

5. complete portfolio re-design

Done. Have you seen it? Visit my portfolio here. And if you need any graphic design work, let me know! 🙂

6. try to list at least one new product a day.

I’ve been pretty good with this, although I’m running out of products to list at the moment. I need to get the new bookmarks laminated and the magnets all set and I can keep going with this.

My March Goals ARE:

1. International Shipping set up and cost determination

2. Photograph magnets, make more magnets, figure out packaging for magnets and list magnets

3. laminate new bookmarks and list

4. contact accountant and make appointment for taxes

5. choose 20 images to show at a local cafe; print them, buy mats and frames etc.

6. submit application for Oyster Festival

If you are interested in joining in on The Meetup, hop on over to Athena Dreams’ blog and check it out!


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