>the SoNo Flea, and Plans for the Week


Hi and Happy Monday Everyone 🙂 Above you can see my setup for the SoNo Flea Market this past Saturday. It seems every show I do I have a slightly different setup depending on what my space looks like and how much space I have. I don’t mind because it gives me opportunities to try things out. Next week will be different again because we’ll be against a wall and hanging some of my boyfriend’s paintings.

Above you can see my new greeting card display, which I love but it is super tall..

I signed up for four weeks at the SoNo Flea because I want to give it a good test run, although having done one day I think the Spring will be much more profitable than the Winter. There were some people out and about, but not too many buyers and I think Spring makes people want to be out and shopping more.

The other thing is that this is called a Flea Market but is filled with Artists and Vintage sellers. It isn’t really a Flea Market per se. Plus, it’s brand new. Saturday was only the second week and I know that Cara is promoting a lot so hopefully next week we’ll see even more customers.

The SoNo Flea Market takes place every Saturday from 1pm – 8pm at 19 and 20 S. Main Street in Norwalk, Connecticut. Please stop by, there are some really great vendors.


Last week I did a lot, but not as much as I wanted to. This week I NEED to finish a lot of projects and start even more so I am starting my daily regime. I will be up by 8 am every morning and I will start with the Wii Fit for an hour to get myself moving. So far this plan is going well, but it is only Monday Morning.

Yesterday I spent some time going through newer photos and discovered some real gems. I also started making magnet sized images and I can’t wait to print a few and test how they look.

How was your weekend? Do you have a lot going on this week?


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