Outside my window everything is white, and the snow will be continuing all day. I think it’s a perfect day to stay in my pjs and get some things done. And then crash with a book later. It looks really cold and I have no intentions of going outside today. Except maybe to help shovel later.

Anyway, YTT here we go –

Yesterday: I had a minor meltdown, cleaned my work area and re-organized it entirely, applied for a job, listed a new card in my store, blogged, called about a local craft fair, watched LOST and read a little more of the Hobbit (I have no idea why this book is taking me so long).

Today: My list is just as long as yesterday, but the out of the house stuff will have to wait. I want to finish up some cleaning, list a new card, fill out some craft fair forms, make a couple mix cds, update my business finances, make some new bookmarks, do my Radical Self Love homework, and sort photos. Oh and I have another job to apply for.

Tomorrow: I’m taking photos for a local magazine (It’s my first and I’m excited and nervous) and have my first business class at night. In between I’ll probably try to run all the errands I can’t today because of the snow.

Here’s hoping this week is productive.

Do you have Short Term Goals this week?


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