>Happy February – Monthly Goal Meetup

>I think I did pretty good in January, although most of my goals were carry-overs from December.


1. Post Greeting cards in Etsy Store

Started doing this, there’s a lot to choose from and more are being listed today 🙂

2. research cheaper car insurance

done, and done. officially saving a LOT of money on my car insurance.

3. figure out wholesale prices and find stores to contact.

done, technically. none of the stores contacted want to buy wholesale – but one is carrying my things on consignment 🙂

4. look up spring craft fairs

done, still have to contact them though.

5. work on portfolio part of fallenpeach.com

instead I decided to rebuild my actual portfolio site, and make it cleaner. I’m almost done with this.

February Goals:

1. design/print/make 20 new bookmark designs

2. Submit for Spring / Winter craft fairs that I’m interested in.

3. Order supplies for making magnets

4. International Shipping set-up.

5. complete portfolio re-design

6. try to list at least one new product a day.

I guess that’s it for this Month, if you’d like to find out more about the Meetup – head over to Athena Dreams Design


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