>YTT: Time for Other


I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already, the weeks are really going quickly .. which isn’t always a good thing. I’ve been feeling a little down lately, which has made it hard to make my lists and get things done in a timely matter, but I’m starting fresh today with a list to work off of.

Yesterday: I worked a lot on my new portfolio website design. I think the basic design is almost done, but then I have to do all the coding. I also did a lot of job searching yesterday, not much luck there.

Today: I’d like to finish at least the basic design and maybe the easier pages for my website, and I’d like to list one or two new cards as well.

Tomorrow: I’d like to finish my website. I also have a meeting with a freelance client tomorrow and I have some errands to run.

What are your short term goals this week?


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