>OOW: Rant about Music Stores


I am an old fashioned girl, in some ways anyway. I like CDs. I like to buy CDs. I like the case and I like the booklet and I like having the song lyrics right there and I like seeing the photos. I enjoy creative packaging and I enjoy big foldout photos. I like taking a cd and putting it in my computer or my cd player or MY CAR.

I do not like downloading music. I do not like having to order cds off the internet, I should not have to pay shipping and handling unless it is a really rare cd or very very independent group. I do not like not having cd covers and creative packaging and song lyrics and CDs I CAN PUT IN MY CAR without making them myself.

So, when I happily went to Best Buy to buy a specific cd or two the other day I was devastated to see that they are shrinking their music section (and adding books, wtf?). They didn’t have either cd I was looking for, when back in the day they probably would have. Best Buy used to carry some rare stuff and some of the independents, which is one reason I loved them.

I tried FYE (which was in the mall and therefore more of a hassle to get to) but they didn’t have the cds either. But then they don’t usually have the independents and they are almost always over priced. They are having all cds for $9.99, but they were either out of or don’t carry the music I was looking for.

Those were my two options as I know perfectly well I won’t find this music at Target or Walmart or any other store like that. So I’m stuck. I can order off the internet and pay shipping and handling (stupid) or I can compromise and download and not have my shiny cd or packaging or booklet (equally stupid). I’m not sure what I’ll do but I have to know:

Am I the only one who feels this way? Has everyone else submitted to the downloading age and am I just being left behind?


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