>January Goals: Monthly Meetup

>Last month I had a couple carry over goals from November

1. Make a flyer advertising my graphic design services and hang it in local coffee shops and such.

Instead I put my business card in a couple local places.

2. Develop 20 new bookmarks from images on computer

I’ve started this, but don’t have 20 yet.

3. Begin developing portfolio section of http://www.fallenpeach.com

Still on the to-do list.

and 4. Find 3 new stores to try to sell my products in, locally

I did some of the research and have two stores to approach in January. So, partly done.

Here were my December Goals:

1. Join LinkedIn for my freelance graphic design and start making connections.

I did join LinkedIn, though I still have some work to do setting up my profile.

2. Photograph and post greeting cards for sale in the store

I did photograph the greeting cards, but have not yet finished Editing them. So they aren’t for sale yet.

3. research getting cheaper car insurance

Making a meeting this week.

4. figure out wholesale prices and information, make list of stores to contact.

Still working on this.

5. look up more craft fairs to do in the Spring

Still doing research, although I have a few in mind I’m interested in.

6. Continue to find easier ways to balance my days and get more done. Also, buy a wall calendar and a carry around with me calendar for the new year and USE THEM!. 🙂

This is a continuing thing. I did find a wonderful engagement calendar binder thing that I use every day and I’ve decided to skip the wall calendar.

And so, for January I think I’ll just keep working on the above goals and try to complete them this month so that I can have a completely fresh set for February.


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