>OOW: Graphic Design


As you may or may not know, I am a photographer but I’m also a Graphic Designer. I’m currently working on a freelance basis and debating whether or not to offer my services on Etsy. I won’t be the cheapest out there, but you will get high quality work.

One thing I love about graphic design is the process. I have a lot of great ideas and begin to work them out, at some point I get completely frustrated and need to step away.. but when I come back it all starts to click together. I love logo work the most, I think, but also layout and basic web design. My fallenpeach logo is a collaborative work with my boyfriend, who also does graphics work, though the website is entirely mine.

I have a new freelance client whom I met with yesterday and I’m really excited to be working on a graphics project again. Before I get back to work on it today, I just wanted to show you some of my previous work. Some of you have seen these over at my other (very neglected) blog, but here they are:

Soltek is a high end handbag company who is beginning to really make a name for themselves. I designed their logo, business cards, tags for their bags, and several catalogs. I also did product photography of their bags and continue to work with them when new projects are needed. More of my work for them can be seen here.

360 degrees by JACS is a company selling recycled clothing on Ebay; I designed their logo, banner, website, promotional bookmarks and a promotional postcard. You can see some of my work at their website, here. And the rest over at my portfolio, here.

I’ve done other work for my previous employer, which is also on my portfolio site, but these are my most recent projects. I’ll keep you updated with future work though, if you’d like 😀

Happy Friday Everyone, have a great Weekend!


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