>Sneak Peek: Greeting Cards!


This morning I’d like to offer you a sneak peek at the next product line at fallenpeach: Greeting Cards! It was very difficult thing to choose just 28 images to start with and have made into cards for the craft fair I did, but I chose and I think I chose well. Two of them are almost sold out, as I was only able to make a few of each, and after my second craft fair on Saturday I’ll be listing what is left on Etsy for sale. I will also eventually be making more (of the ones I have and of different photos).

Above are two photos of my greeting cards being photographed. I generally use a bendy neck halogen lamp to photograph my work, unless I feel an outdoor “look” would work better and then I use direct sunlight. I love the bendy neck lamp because you can very easily adjust the lighting to suit your needs. The only trouble I had last night photographing these cards was with very rich red tones, I’ll have to work in photoshop on those images and if that won’t work I’ll have to take more photos outdoors to get the color right.


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