>YTT: Energy Abounds


I woke up a full hour earlier than usual today and I want to try to get up even earlier tomorrow. I also did a full hour of Wii Fit Plus workout which felt really really good. (Has anyone done the advanced bicycle thing yet? It’s ridiculous! I couldn’t find that last flag and had to save my fit credits and quit).

Yesterday: I ran a few errands, promoted, listed a couple new bookmarks, confirmed my entry in a craft fair this Saturday and did some financial figuring.

Today: the above is already done; I plan on: photographing greeting cards, continuing to promote and twitter, list my last two bookmarks in the old set, organize my Christmas shopping list and set a budget for it, and try to start figuring out how to wholesale my products (ie decide prices etc). Oh and I have to mail a couple things and go to the bank.

Tomorrow: I have a meeting with a possible freelance client and will probably take the day to focus on that meeting and the work that I’ll be doing for him. I’ll also keep promoting and probably try to finish setting up my LinkedIn account.

What are your Short Term Goals this week?


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