>Monthly Goal Meetup for December!

>My November Goals were:

1. Have a successful first Craft Fair (Nov. 20, 21), or at the very least learn something important and get info on what is popular and what is not.

The craft fair was a lot of fun and I definitely learned a lot getting it together. I’m doing another one this weekend and perhaps I’ll make a little more profit since it costs less to get in. 🙂

2. Make a flyer advertising my graphic design services and hang it in local coffee shops and such.

I have not yet done this, sadly, but it is high on my list for December!

3. Choose images to make into prints and greeting cards, get printed for craft fair and etsy store

Done partly, they are printed but not yet photographed for the Etsy Store… coming soon!

4. Develop 20 new bookmarks from images on computer

Something else on my December to do list

5. Begin developing portfolio section of http://www.fallenpeach.com

6. Find 3 new stores to try to sell my products in, locally

and two more missed items…

So, to recap, I did okay but not fabulously on my list. However, a LOT of my time was taken up getting ready for the craft fair, so it is understandable.

My December Goals, other than the continuation of the ones above are:

1. Join LinkedIn for my freelance graphic design and start making connections.

2. Photograph and post greeting cards for sale in the store

3. research getting cheaper car insurance

4. figure out wholesale prices and information, make list of stores to contact.

5. look up more craft fairs to do in the Spring

6. Continue to find easier ways to balance my days and get more done. Also, buy a wall calendar and a carry around with me calendar for the new year and USE THEM!. 🙂

How about you? What are your monthly goals?


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