>Monday Updates: Craft Fairs and Seaports pt 1 Seaports

>Usually Monday I wake up first thing and spend the day glued to my computer promoting and blogging and twittering and chatting and all; but today was such a beautiful day out that my boyfriend and I went to Mystic Seaport instead. Neither of us had been and my parents had free tickets, so we figured we should go before it starts feeling more like November.

Mystic Seaport (located in Mystic, CT) is an olde seafaring village on the water with original 1800’s buildings complete with roleplayers and people ready to tell you what things were used for. There are also a few large vessels in the water that you can go on and explore and they are currently restoring the last wooden whaling boat, called the Morgan I believe and you can watch them work as well as explore the boat (which is HUGE). There are lots of exhibits and things to read, watch and listen to and if you want you can even take a horse and carriage ride around the town.

Because it’s November we had the place pretty much to ourselves and spent time talking with the printer (I looove looking at old printing presses and the letters and all) and the people at the forge as well as wandering around and taking a ton and a half of pictures. I can’t wait to really sort them and see if any will become bookmarks, prints or greeting cards.

All in all, a great day outdoors. End part 1, stay tuned for craft fair display photos and talk 🙂


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