>YTT: Crack Down


This week I came to a revelation. I realized that though I’ve started to build this business of mine, I was still kind of thinking of it as a hobby. I’m still actively seeking a full time job, or at least a part time one, to pay the bills and because of that my thought processes concerning my business haven’t been all they could be.

While I am still going to job search, I’ve realized that if I truly want to grow this business I have to treat it with respect as such. Even if it stays as a small side business, it is still a business. Monday I started a two night Small Business Tax Seminar, which although it is full of things I may not necessarily need, is a very good thing for me. I am learning a lot and taking notes. I am going to start looking into taking a full small business class locally and from there who knows.

But on to YTT

Yesterday: I spent a lot of time promoting, I blogged about Film Noir products on Etsy, and I bought the Craft Inc. Business Planner with the hope that it will teach me and help me get organized in truly starting my own business.

Today: I have a long list of things to do; amongst them experiment with the free version of Quickbooks, list two new products, and play with my Halloween costume (which has fallen by the wayside this week). I also need to write up questions for a possible client and I want to work on new business cards. Tonight is the last night of the tax seminar, too.

Tomorrow: I will blog and promote and seriously open the business planner I bought to make a list of things that haven’t been done yet. I will also continue work on my new business cards.

What about you ? What are your goals this week?


4 thoughts on “>YTT: Crack Down

  1. >I'm still in the "hobby-mode" too. One of my goals this week is to list some more stuff for the store and blog, of course! [inkihandmade.blogspot.com][inkihandmade.etsy.com]

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