>Monday Updates on Tuesday

>Between planning, cooking and having my Autumn Feast and getting terribly sick, I’ve been a big neglectful of the blog lately and for that I’m sorry. Today was a rough day, but I’m starting to feel a bit better. Tomorrow I should be able to make up for the posts I’ve missed plus do my YTT post.

Another goal of mine is to start exercising again even if it is just with the Wii Fit. I personally enjoy the wii fit. I know it isn’t really a substitute for real fitness, but with cold weather around the corner I know it’ll be easier for me to keep up with than something like hiking. Plus, it does keep me moving which is better than nothing. Today I bought the Wii Fit Plus upgrade disc and it has a lot of fun new toys on it to play with. Plus, you can make your own workout which sounds like a great idea. I’ve wanted to try adding the strength exercises in with my Yoga but wasn’t sure which ones would work well together so this will be a good opportunity to play around with that.

So tomorrow, despite my still coughing I vow to be up early, to exercise on the wii fit and to get all those posts posted for you! I’m still debating my Etsy Tues. theme, maybe something will come to me in my sleep.

Till then, hope everyone is staying healthy.


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